15 May, 2017

Video: History of Wavegarden

15 May, 2017

The 38 second video starts with a tranquil mountain scene: lush green trees blanket the hillside as mist dances across a mirror-like pond. Beautiful to the point of seeming very cliche as you begin to question what this could possibly have to do with surfing. Then a lump inexplicably appears in the center of the pond, morphing into a knee-high left that peels flawlessly down one shore. Fade to black. That is how the world first came to know Wavegarden. That is how we first got to know Wavegarden. The year was 2011.

Before building wave pools, Wavegarden founder Josema Odriozola designed municipal skate parks in his native country of Spain. Coming from a surfing family, he began to toy with the idea of re-creating the same skate park experience for surfing. A fun, safe, experience, open to everyone, and free from the hazards and fickle nature of the ocean. We was not the first person to dream up this concept. Wave pools have been around since the 1920’s, but up until Josema and his team took the stage, nobody had successfully combined the disciplines of: Science, business, and surfing. Josema has always been very keen to the fact that making the perfect wave is not enough. Without a technology that makes financial sense, such projects would ultimately fail to get funding, and nobody would ever get to surf them, no matter how good the waves are.

With their recent release of the Cove technology, it seems Wavegarden has finally cracked the code. The wave quality and variability paired with the ultra high frequency create a very attractive business model for commercial developments. This means that Josema’s waves have the potential to bring smiles to the faces of people across the globe, regardless of age, gender, religion, or handicaps. His vision of sharing the joy of surfing has never been closer to reality.