We work hard to combine the best traditions of Hawaii and the local culture which creates relevant and unique properties wherever we develop. Building on the growing demand for Health and wellness, authentic experiences, the popularity of surfing and the need for new anchor attractions


Waikiki Anywhere
The lagoon is a Visual Centerpiece for the resort.
We can now build Waikiki Anywhere, only the views of surfing are even better.
Its about the Best Surfing Experience All Day, Every Day… and Night.


Commercially Proven
We only work with commercially proven wave generation technologies with rigorous engineering, redundancy, profitability and efficientcy. We develop with long term operations in mind.


A Great Surfing Experience

We only work with commercially proven wave generation technologies with rigorous engineering, redundancy, profitability and efficientcy. We develop with long term operations in mind.

  1. Learn from the people who invented surfing.
  2. We cater to ALL SKILL LEVELS especially those who have yet to surf.
  3. Learn ocean safety, ettique, and surf history at the Brian Keaulana surf school.
Based on the trends of health and wellness, active lifestyle and demand for real experience we deliver a variety of skill based recreation that can increase stay time, number of visits and reduce capital expenditure.
Great Customer Experience Is In Our Blood
Share the Aloha Spirit. Create Community. Be Local.


Strong Experience In Hawaiian Resort & Attraction Development

Expertise In Wave Technology Deployment

Our President was even in the original wave pool movie “The North Shore” where he starred as himself.

Honokea is the initial developer of the only U.S. Wave Garden. We have over 6 years of experience working with the technological leader in wave pools, and we are uniquely staffed with both Operations & Development experts for the most expansive capabilities possible.

Operations & Development for Efficiency and Long-term Success
Honokea’s experience in both Operations & Development bridges the connection between both facets of the project.
At the Honokea Field Office in Austin
At the Honokea Field Office in Austin


From Hawaiian Hospitality and F&B operations, to Surf Lagoon Safety and attraction management, submarines tours to waterparks, events and surf contests, the Honokea team’s diverse background makes them uniquely qualified to manages these developments in house

Attractions we have worked with and for:

  • 11
  • 10
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We can help you implement a Honokea Surf Village or dream up your perfect experience, develop and manage it. Honokea’s services can be contracted a la carte or in a combination that best serve the needs of your project from start to finish.


Pre-Development Services

  • Comprehensive Feasibility Study: Development, Operations and Financing plan
  • Full Service Design
  • Market Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Land Identification and Acquisition
  • Land Planning
  • Green & Blue Strategies and Services
  • Business & Operational Planning
  • Operational Consulting for Design


Development Services

  • Due Diligence Site Reports
  • Conceptual Development Budget & Schedule
  • Provide Construction and Development oversight
  • Government & Community Relations
  • Entitlements Processing
  • Contract Management
  • Sustainability Services
  • Operational Consulting for Construction


Water Safety, Surfing Etiquette

  • Risk management assessment and planning
  • Water safety training and programming
  • Lifeguard training and ongoing development
  • Surfing etiquette and culture
  • Surf lessons system and training



  • Outsourced operations for an existing or new attraction
  • Outsourced wave pool operation
  • Hawai‘i Surf Culture Training
  • Wave Pool Surf Safety & Risk Management Training
  • Attraction technology development
  • Staff training and optimization consulting


Brian, the son of legendary waterman and big-wave rider Buffalo Keaulana, grew up on the beach of Makaha leaerning about surfing, diving and water safety from his Dad. Brian went on to surf some of the biggest waves on the planet and became the Lifeguard Captain for the West Side.

He developed new approaches to water safety in big surf and invented the equipment to support it. He was the first to use the jet ski in water rescue operations and invented the rescue sled that the ski tows. He was a founder of C4 Watermen where he used his understanding of watersports to help design and create a line of new ocean recreation products including an inflatable stand-up board and the world-famous SUPsquatch, a surfboard for six riders. Brian trains elite military units and lifeguards around the world and is the go-to-stuntman for Hollywood’s most dangerous water stunts. At home, Brian and his family, are well known for sharing their love of the ocean to inspire kids and adults from all walks of life.

Honokea co-founder & president. Founder of C4 waterman, Hawaiian waterpatrol. Brian shares Hawaiian surf culture promotes the Hawaiian traditions and family values, and defines ocean and wave lagoon safety protocol around the world and in Hollywood.


Master architect Steve Yuen served as principal designer for Group 70 International, Hawaii’s premier design firm. Supervising over 3 billion dollars in projects throughout the Pacific, his large-scale work includes master plans and design for 21 large resorts, nine large residential communities, 18 commercial projects, and ten educational cultural and interpretive projects that focused on balancing urban expansion and mixed-use development and redevelopment.

Steve earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Harvard. He is a licensed architect in both Hawaii and Massachusetts. A Hawaii native and avid waterman, his approach to projects is environmentally, culturally, and economically holistic. His style reflects values related to community and the importance of civilized social engagement.