21 Mar, 2017

American Wave Machines/PerfectSwell

21 Mar, 2017

Bruce Mcfarland is a former partner of Tom Lochtefeld and current owner of American Wave Machines. Much like Lochtefeld’s Waveloch company, American Wave Machines has a sheet-wave technology, SurfStream, that has been implemented internationally, and a wave pool concept, PerfectSwell, that has yet to be proven.

The technology uses an array of 10 foot air chambers that displace water when fired, transferring air pressure into wave energy. In theory, this would allow for a variety of wave types in the same lagoon at the same time, depending on how the chambers are sequenced.  AWM predicts that their technology will be able to produce constant waves for up to 2,160 surfers per hour. Wave sizes of up to 10 feet, and the pools are 1-2 acres in size. IF these numbers prove true, it would make their PerfectSwell technology the most profitable technology in existence.

Tabletop model of AWM’s PerfectSwell technology

They have 3 projects in the works. A resort in Sochi, Russia, reportedly broke ground on their PerfectSwell wave pool in 2013 (just before the Olympics) but no news about any progress has been made public. AWM also announced in 2013 that they were building a PerfectSwell wave pool in the Meadowlands Mall in New Jersey, though news on that project has gone cold as well. Their latest announcement was that Waco, Texas’ Barefoot Ski Ranch had broken ground on what would be AWM’s first full-scale 2 acre PerfectSwell pool, set to open this Summer. Best of luck to Bruce and his team.

  • Wave generation style: pneumatic displacement
  • Phase of Technology: Concept
  • Quality of wave for surfing: Unknown
  • Frequency: Unknown
  • Energy cost per wave: ?
  • Construction Cost: ?
  • Footprint: 1-2 acres
  • Projects: Barefoot Ski Ranch (due 2018), Meadowlands (?), Sochi (?)
AWM’s tabletop model
AWM’s tabletop model

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