A HONOKEA SURF VILLAGE is an active lifestyle village
designed around the Hawaiian beach culture.

For the last 100 years HAWAI’I has led the world in sharing the sport of surfing and creating resorts and villages that combine surfing with a wide variety of adventures into a great family experience.

HONOKEA builds on these traditions combining Hawaiian Culture and cutting edge surf generation technologies to create engaging and relevant opportunities for retail, dining, overnight accommodations, recreation, and community events anywhere in the world.

Experience ALOHA, find balance, get inspired, celebrate life & help us save island earth. We design for healthy family fun by combining Hawaii’s traditions of hospitality, surfing and aloha with the best traditions of our host communities.
Sharing Hawaiian culture requires us to move beyond sustainability and regenerate the healthy planetary systems we need. Our approach, based on a combination of indigenous and contemporary knowledge, is rigorous, comprehensive and aggressive.
“We understand the importance of sharing surfing in the right way.”
– Brian Keaulana, Co-Founder & President